Team SITH Puts Air Intakes to the Test

Over the past few months members of SITH Racing started to truly pay attention to temperatures under the hood of the Ford Focus ST. Not just intake and charge temps, but things like oil temperatures and fuel rail temperatures. We drive our cars in stop and go traffic every day and it's just as important to keep the temperatures under the hood in check while in traffic as it is to keep them in check on a track. One of our members  had the Custom Performance Engineering (CPE) intake for a long time and have  had numerous conversations with a few fellow enthusiasts about intake temperatures and how the CPE is handling these temperatures. For those who may not know, the CPE intake is a fully aluminum air box and intake tube assembly. While we at SITH have no bias towards any organization, given the CPE intake was representative of the most aluminum available in an intake setup on the market today, we decided to test its function against its form. We truly wanted to test and see if there were differences and/or if there was a high efficient setup. We noted that another ST with a nearly identical setup to this one (same hood, same FMIC, same charge pipes, same exhaust) but different intake (aftermarket tube with stock air box) saw lower/steadier charge temps than the one fitted with the CPE.


TEAM SITH Stresses the Use of Aftermarket Motor Mounts

How many times have you heard when asking questions on forums about what to buy when building your car "purchase a full set of motor mounts"? Well, we at Team SITH know through independent testing that motor mounts make a massive difference in the performance and stability of your car. Other companies have tested this and confirmed excessive engine movement in the Ford Focus ST models, regardless of the year. Honestly, this is true of most if not all factory mount setups.

Real power, even highly tuned factory turbo setups, require engine stability to be able to transition power to the ground in an even and consistent manner. In addition to this, motor mounts help all of the ancillary devices you connect to the engine (i.e. Oil Catch Cans, Down Pipe, Hard Charge Pipes etc.) stay connected and last a long time. Don't believe us? Keep reading 🙂


SITH Racing makes one of the highest HP Focus ST’s

SITH Racing is proud to produce Dyno results that show some of the highest horsepower numbers on a stock motor with a big turbo setup. In addition to the motor being stock , the numbers were reached by only using a blend of 93 octane pump gas and E85 (ethanol) to make a blend of E30.

Great cooling of the motor and other supporting modifications greatly helped provide the base necessary to make this great power. SITH Racing worked hard to create a base performance platform for this power.


Sith Racing Takes to the Airport

This past weekend, Adam from Sith Racing won the Street Modified FWD(SMF) class at the Cumberland Airfield Autocross. Some of you may remember this historic event, that used to the likes of racers such as Carroll Shelby, and others. It was shut down for a while, but now it's back. Saturday, August 22nd, marked the first race at the airfield after the long hiatus. The break did not stop the crowds and racers as the field consisted of close to 100 cars, ranging from daily driven Subaru Legacy's, Cobra replicas, to fully built track cars. Next year there will be a full race series hosted at the Cumberland Airport. Don't worry there's still time this year as there's one final race in October. Check out their website for more information.


SITH Racing Hunting for #1 Spot

SITH Racing is proud to announce that it is actively in the hunt to have the highest horsepower Focus ST in the world! Currently the highest HP Ford Focus ST is sitting around 508 HP. SITH Racing is close to pushing almost 100HP higher and is targeting the 600HP mark. If accomplished, the vehicle and[...]