Focus ST Fender Brace Install Guide

This is an installation guide for installing Fender Braces on a 2013-2016 Ford Focus ST by *Ignore the poor paint job on the brace. As it in a non visable part, I just used what ever paint was near me to ensure the metal wasn't exposed. Your braces will come pre-painted, unlike mine. Tools[...]

Strut Tower Cutout for Camber Adjustment DIY

With Jon and I both testing MFactory's new coilover system for the Focus ST, we would now have camber adjustment for the front struts. We weren't happy with idea of having to drop the strut each time we needed to access the camber plates. We decided to look into a solution. Looking around I quickly[...]

SITH Tech Article – Methanol Corrosion of Aluminum

One of SITH Racing core contributions to the performance aftermarket is providing Independent Test and Evaluation support for manufacturers of vehicle aftermarket parts. SITH Racing is the only company that retains a staff of professionals in target key reference areas. In this specific area, SITH racing will utilize it's in-house staff Chemist to scientifically test the effects of long term methanol and water/methanol mixes currently sold by many vendors against aluminum products also developed and sold by vendors. Once SITH Racing completes the testing and validates the outputs, we will post our technical findings.