Adam Forman’s Mod List and Bio

Bio: Engine Management: COBB AccessPort V3 93 Octane and E30 Tuned by Nishan Engine: Custom Borg Warner EFR 7163 Turbo w/ .85 A/R Turbine Housing TIAL MVR 44mm External Waste Gate (EWG) 32” Custom Dump Tube Custom 44mm EWG TIAL flanged Turbo Manifold Speed Perf6rmanc3 Custom Port Injection Fuel System with Bosch 4x 635cc Injectors[...]

Adam Crane’s Mod List and Bio

Bio Adam is living in Northern Va, grew up in Greenwich CT. He moved down to Virginia to attend George Mason University and choose to stay down here afterwards for work. Currently he's working as an Implementation Engineer in the SaaS Cloud Operations department with SAP. Some of his previous cars are a 2004 Volkswagon[...]

SITH Racing makes one of the highest HP Focus ST’s

SITH Racing is proud to produce Dyno results that show some of the highest horsepower numbers on a stock motor with a big turbo setup. In addition to the motor being stock , the numbers were reached by only using a blend of 93 octane pump gas and E85 (ethanol) to make a blend of E30.

Great cooling of the motor and other supporting modifications greatly helped provide the base necessary to make this great power. SITH Racing worked hard to create a base performance platform for this power.


SITH Racing Hunting for #1 Spot

SITH Racing is proud to announce that it is actively in the hunt to have the highest horsepower Focus ST in the world! Currently the highest HP Ford Focus ST is sitting around 508 HP. SITH Racing is close to pushing almost 100HP higher and is targeting the 600HP mark. If accomplished, the vehicle and[...]