Focus ST Fender Brace Install Guide

This is an installation guide for installing Fender Braces on a 2013-2016 Ford Focus ST by *Ignore the poor paint job on the brace. As it in a non visable part, I just used what ever paint was near me to ensure the metal wasn't exposed. Your braces will come pre-painted, unlike mine. Tools[...]

Strut Tower Cutout for Camber Adjustment DIY

With Jon and I both testing MFactory's new coilover system for the Focus ST, we would now have camber adjustment for the front struts. We weren't happy with idea of having to drop the strut each time we needed to access the camber plates. We decided to look into a solution. Looking around I quickly[...]

Damond Motorsports Passenger Side Motor Mount(PSMM) Review

The Damond Motorsports Passenger Side Motor MountĀ is a replacement for theĀ stock motor mount. I received one of these mounts as part of the Damond beta test, before final release to the public. I've had the mount on the car for about 3 weeks now, and have racking up close to 700 miles on it. The[...]

Modifying a Focus ST (Part 1)

Author: Jon Walker I often get asked a question such as "What is the first mod I should buy for my Focus ST?" The answer is usually, "It depends (on plans, budget, likes/dislikes, etc.)" but there are a few staples that I can say are well worth doing regardless of what your plans are for[...]

TB Performance Adjustable Front Strut Bar Review

The TB Performance front adjustable strut bar replaces the pressed steel factory bar. Many people have been told that the car is stiff enough and that the stock strut bar is a 3 point system so there is no need to change it. After installing this part and driving a few miles down the road,[...]