SITH Racing Store Officially OPEN for Business!!

SITH Racing is pleased to officially announce the launch of the SITH Racing online store! After almost two years in the making, SITH Racing has finally developed a storefront that offers customers a great experience, excellent products (over 40,000) and most importantly, great customer service! With over 60 years of combined experience in technology and[...]

Sith Racing Takes to the Airport

This past weekend, Adam from Sith Racing won the Street Modified FWD(SMF) class at the Cumberland Airfield Autocross. Some of you may remember this historic event, that used to the likes of racers such as Carroll Shelby, and others. It was shut down for a while, but now it's back. Saturday, August 22nd, marked the first race at the airfield after the long hiatus. The break did not stop the crowds and racers as the field consisted of close to 100 cars, ranging from daily driven Subaru Legacy's, Cobra replicas, to fully built track cars. Next year there will be a full race series hosted at the Cumberland Airport. Don't worry there's still time this year as there's one final race in October. Check out their website for more information.


See what SITH Racing can do for you!

At SITH Racing we believe that proper test and evaluation of both product and company are essential to delivering market acceptance and products to the consumer that truly make a difference on vehicle platforms. Additionally, SITH Racing is dedicated to spearheading research and development and test and evaluation of "envelop pushing" technological advancements that go[...]