SITH Racing makes one of the highest HP Focus ST’s

SITH Racing is proud to produce Dyno results that show some of the highest horsepower numbers on a stock motor with a big turbo setup. In addition to the motor being stock , the numbers were reached by only using a blend of 93 octane pump gas and E85 (ethanol) to make a blend of E30.

Great cooling of the motor and other supporting modifications greatly helped provide the base necessary to make this great power. SITH Racing worked hard to create a base performance platform for this power.

We believe it is important to note that the tuning makes up the other side of this great equation. Tuning on this vehicle was performed by Nishan  with incredible and unwavering support from Speed Perf6rmanc3

Dyno chart showing 93 octane and e30 dyno pulls.

Dyno chart showing 93 octane and e30 dyno pulls.

Here is a video of the last pull that made 438hp and 400ft/lbs of torque to the wheels. Note: the "boom" at the end was 4 feet of flame coming out of the tail pipe! All the guys standing behind the car were jumping up and down yelling "welcome to the corn" 🙂

Thank you all who contributed to this great achievement!