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About the SITH

Born out of passion; Grounded in experience
Through our hard work and experience, you save money and time

We build, we install, we sell, we drive..hard. We are a team of passionate enthusiasts, highly accomplished business and technical professionals and most of all, just good people. With a combined total of nearly 80 years worth of experience. we are a team that has a wide breadth of capability in all aspects of technical, chemical, mechanical and driving experience that works amazingly well in our corporate culture. We have the ability to see past a simple bolt-on and envision capabilities that most cant fathom. We engineer new capabilities between commercial off the shelf and industry leading development techniques to be able to bring evolutionary products to the market, faster. We are team SITH.

  • Product Testing

    Representing proven products

  • Rapid Prototyping

    Time to market reduction

  • Cost Reductions

    Reducing costs, not quality

  • Responsive Customer Service

    Our Customers are our Success

Meet Team SITH

Yes, we actually exist!
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Adam “whacko” Forman

Owner Operator
Adam conceptualized SITH Racing. With over 20 years of Technical Engineering and Executive Business Management, Adam sets the pace for the SITH Racing team.
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Adam “yaya” Crane

Race Tester
Adam runs cars the hardest, destined to find failure in any component put in front of him. He is a techno wiz to boot…Adam provides much of the technical assistance to the SITH issues.
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Jon “red” Walker

Perfection Expert
Jon has a passion for perfection. Jon is our main tester for all lighting and lighting integration. The work he has done is simply stunning as seen in our main photo above. He is also an avid photographer and is in charge of all photos for the SITH.
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Levi “sup” Bilyeu

Research Expert
Levi is the man when it comes to researching every aspect of truth in any claim to performance gains. Levi digs for ground truth and points SITH Racing in a direction to further investigate. He is the little magic man behind our teams direction.
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Shawn “wreck-it” Everly

Lead Mechanic
Nobody knows cars better than Shawn. He is brilliant when it comes to vehicles and helps lead the way in that aspect. When the going gets rough, Shawn is we go to when we mess it all up :)
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Antone “cbrne” mello

Lead Chemical Engineer
This guy….he knows more about chemicals and how they work than most of us will ever know about ourselves. Constantly researching the effects of different chemicals on our cars, this is the guy you want to talk to. Oh, and do not make him mad.


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