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Guardian Angel V3 Overboost Protection w/ 4 Bar MAP Sensor

Guardian Angel V3 Overboost Protection w/ 4 Bar MAP Sensor

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  • 2013+
  • Ford
  • Stratified

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The GA V3 now includes a 4 bar MAP sensor output at no extra cost! The Guardian Angel's 4 bar MAP sensor can now be integrated into your vehicles harness replacing your OEM MAP sensor. This feature requires simple tuning in order to work properly. This eliminates the need to purchase a costly aftermarket MAP sensor for your turbocharged vehicle!

The Guardian Angel V3 (GA V3) WITH Adjustable Vent to Atmosphere (VTA) Valve Control is designed to protect your turbocharged motor from one of the worst catastrophes: uncontrollable OVERBOOST! This is the best investment you can make in protecting your tuned turbocharged engine from failure.

The GA V3 VTA Adjust Feature allows you to tune the response of your bypass valve! This is a first and unique to market feature not offered anywhere else. You can adjust how quickly your BOV/BPV releases during shifting and how quickly it closes back up. This feature also allows you to run your BPV/BOV in VTA mode without affecting your fuel trims or idle!

MazdaSpeed 3 and 6; Ford Focus ST, Ecoboost Mustang, and Fiesta ST; and other brands that use the same style Bosch sensor have the map sensor wire on the far left of the connector.


ANY turbocharged vehicle with a push type piston or diaphragm type BPV or BOV. A push type valve is one where boost pressure pushes the valve piston open. These BPV/BOV valves are used in almost all OEM configurations as well as in the aftermarket from manufacturers such as Forge, Greddy, TurboXS, Turbosmart etc. It does not work with pull type valves such as the HKS SSQV.

More Details:

The V3 Guardian Angel adds a few key features to our previous GA V1 and V2 models:

  • Faster response. The GA will respond to an overboost condition in 10milliseconds. A fast response time is what saves your motor.
  • Overboost protection up to 45psi (4 bar) of boost!
  • BOV/BPV response adjustment feature. Now you can tune the response of your bypass valve. You can turn this feature on and run your valve in VTA or recirculate mode. If you turn this feature on, you can adjust how fast the valve releases and closes back up. This improves shifting and response. This also allows you to vent your BPV to atmosphere without affecting your fueling trims.
  • The external GA trigger now works with any external failsafe such as a water methanol (WMI) failsafe or external ECU. The trigger works when attached to a positive voltage signal as well as a grounded signal.
  • Every time you start your car the GA V2 self checks that it is reading your engine boost pressure. With the GA V2 installed you know your Guardian Angel is always watching over your engine! 
  • More robust internals and electronics. We've made the GA V2 even more rugged than the V1 and our customers already felt that was a dependable device! 
  • High quality black anodized aluminium enclosure with laser etching. Looks great in any engine bay!
  • Everything is included in the box for installation! The minifuse add-a-fuse, 5A fuse, vacuum hose, and clamps!

4 Bar MAP sensor details:

  • Ford EcoBoost: Scalar A: 11.9785 and Offset: 0.5043 (psi)
  • MazdaSpeed: Scalar A: 82.60, Scalar B: 1.00, Offset: -3.48 (kpa)
  • Inside the ECU these values are input into a simple linear interpolation equation (manifold pressure = Scalar*Sensor Voltage + Offset)


Turn-around time: Up to 2 business days


Limited Warranty

This Stratified product is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for ninety (90) days from date of purchase. During the warranty period, Stratified will repair, or at its option replace at no charge, components that prove to be defective. The product must be returned, shipping prepaid, to a Stratified facility. This limited warranty does not apply if the product is damaged by accident or misuse. The foregoing warranty is in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied including but not limited to any implied warranty of merchantability, fitness, or adequacy for any particular purpose or use. Stratified Automotive Controls LTD. is not responsible for any fines, injuries, or damages incurred as a result of the installation or use or misuse of our products. It is the complete responsibility of the purchaser of such products to ensure that they are used in a legal, safe, and appropriate manner.

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